Cyberbullying is a National Problem

1 Aug

Cyberbullying is the next national epidemic and this country will need tools like MMGuardian Parental Control to face it head on and provide valuable solutions.

If you don’t believe cyberbullying is a critical problem that needs to be solved NOW, check out some of THESE STATISTICS

  • More than half of America’s teens have been bullied online
  • Worse, over half have engaged in cyber-bullying
  • Only 1 in 10 teens will tell their parents about a cyberbullying attack

So, cyberbullying is not only a national epidemic, it is one teens cannot fix for themselves.  If teens will not take action, parents need to take action for their teens.

Parents need to engage quickly to prevent their children from experiencing cyberbullying on the next digital frontier: mobile phones.

Today, it’s not just the internet anymore; children are bullied repeatedly, 24/7, over their phones.  They can never escape it.  If you are having trouble believing, explore some of THESE STATISTICS:

  • Over 25% of teens have been bullied through their cell phone
  • About 1/5 teens have sent sexually suggestive nude pictures of themselves to others over a phone
  • Over 80% of teens now use a cell phone regularly

So, the problem will only grow with time.  As a parent, your teens need your help; they cannot stop the bullying and are often unable, or unwilling to engage with you directly.  You need other means to find out if your child is a victim and decide how you can help.

MMGuardian Parental Control is that FREE solution. It is a tool that exists solely to help parents protect their children from mobile threats.  

Parents, use MMGuardian Parental Control’s Monitor feature to select certain “bullying words” to watch for in your child’s phone messages.  If they are bullied and those messages appear, MMGuardian Parental Control will notify you immediately and forward you the message so you can take the appropriate actions.  Download it HERE to start protecting your kids today.

Cyberbullying is a growing problem for your teens.  The question is: how will you help them?


2 Responses to “Cyberbullying is a National Problem”

  1. keys1988 August 1, 2012 at 10:37 pm #

    its bad in the UK.
    children kill themselfs because of it :(..

    • mmguardian August 2, 2012 at 5:42 pm #

      So true. The same in the US. Do you have children or know parents who struggle with cyberbullying?

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