5 Ways For Parents to Fight Cyberbullying

2 Aug

If you didn’t already know, your child could be a victim of cyberbullying.  Right now.  You need a tool like MMGuardian Parental Control to pr

If you doubt that, just put some facts together:

  • Over 50% of American preteens, teens, and young adults are victims of online or mobile bullying.
  • The average American family has two children

Chances are, one of your children is being victimized in some way.  And, if they are like 90% of victimized teens, they won’t ever tell you about it.

So, the question is, what can you do?  Here are five strategies to combat cyberbullying and protect your kids:

  • Start a Dialogue: Your kids don’t tell you because they are ashamed.  Let them know it’s ok to talk to you about anything, even if they are embarrassed.
  • Believe Them: Many kids fear they will not be believed, so they don’t tell people about the bullying.  Let them know that you will support them and, if they tell you, help stop the bullying.
  • Show Action: If your child sends you signal, don’t ignore them and wait.  Probe a bit deeper and see what they tell you, you may be surprised.
  • Show That You Care: You know that you care but teens often feel disconnected and estranged from their parents.  Make sure your child feels a strong enough connection to come to you.

BUT, sometimes talking and dialogue do not work.  In those cases, take matters into your own hands and use a software tool to keep your kids safe. The best, FREE option available is MMGuardian Parental Control.

MMGuardian: Protection for Kids, Peace of Mind for Parents

MMGuardian: Protection for Kids, Peace of Mind for Parents

MMGuardian Parental Control is the best option because it lets you monitor indicator words for bullying in your child’s text messages.  You are not spying on them directly or betraying their trust but if they receive bullying messages over their phone, you will know about it. Then, you can take action to protect your child now and in the future.

So, what are you waiting for? 


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