Protecting Your Kids Better With MMGuardian

21 Aug

Do you ever stay up at night wondering whether your child is safe on their cell phone?

Sadly, you should: cell phones are amazing tools but they can also become dangerous environments for kids who become victims of cyber-bullying.

And, most of the time, you will never know about it.

Unless you take action and put MMGuardian on your child’s phone.  

MMGuardian prevents cyber-bullying by alerting you to bullying texts messages sent to your child.  You choose the words you are worried about and MMGuardian lets you know if those words ever come up in your child’s phone conversations.

For example, if you spend your nights worrying that your child will be bullied over their weight, tell MMGuardian to monitor the word “fat” and you will have peace of mind knowing your child is safe.



So, the only question is: what is stopping you from using MMGuardian today?


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