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MMGuardian Now Has Uninstall Protection!

11 Sep

Have you ever tried downloading parental control on your child’s phone, only to see them uninstall it right under your nose?

No more.

MMGuardian Parental Control, the leader in Android parental control solutions, now has complete uninstall protection!  Once you put it on their phone, it won’t come off until you say so.

MMGuardian Uninstall Protection

MMGuardian Uninstall Protection

Now that only you can uninstall it, MMGuardian’s protection features will be working to safeguard your child 24/7.  That includes our proprietary text and drive preventionso you know they won’t be texting while on the road, our advanced location toolsand our proprietary bullying alert engine.

So, isn’t it time to give MMGuardian a try today?


MMGuardian September Newsletter

4 Sep

The MMGuardian Newsletter

From the Desk of the CEO

Dear Valued MMGuardian Customers,

This is a time of exciting growth for our company.  We now have nearly 50,000 downloads, thousands of daily users, and are excited by the positive response we are getting to the new release of our product.

We are hard at work on the next version of MMGuardian. The future is coming fast. We are excited for you to be part of it.  So, please, stay tuned!

Sharing Our Life Saving Story

This summer, Oso shared this exciting story with us: MMGuardian helped save her teen son after a driving accident.  It’s these life-saving successes that drive us, so please allow us to share his testimonial with you.

“MMGuardian made it possible for paramedics to find my son when he was stranded in a ditch because he was hit by a drunk driver late at night.  It’s awesome!”

We hope that using MMGuardian will ensure that your children will always be safe.

What’s New?

MMGuardian gets better every day.  We are constantly adding new capabilities to give you a better experience with new, necessary features. Our newest release has:

  • Demonstration commands, so you don’t need to remember them
  • Timing Restrictions, so you control your child’s phone use
  • Simpler Interface, so you have a better experience

And, please don’t forget what is coming soon:

  • A new app for your phone, so you send commands seamlessly
  • Uninstall protection, so your kids can’t take the MMGuardian off their phones
  • New location features and mapping capability
  • Advanced geo-zoning, so you always know where they should be
  • Our Monitor Database, so you don’t forget any words bullies use
  • Application Control, so your kids don’t use dangerous apps

How Can We Help You?

At MMGuardian, we want to help you.  If you have any questions about the application or want to send us suggestions, we are accessible 24/7!  Please contact, email our support line at, or call us at (800) 506-9842