MMGuardian: The Parental Control App for Parents on the Go

5 Feb


UPDATE: MMGuardian Parental Control now has over 5,000 Daily Users and has added two new, critical features: application control and scheduled location!

MMGuardian Parental Control provides parents with the comprehensive set of features they need to effectively regulate their pre-teen and teen’s smartphone use.

MMGuardian performs the following important functions that help keep kids safe:

1) Prevents teen texting and driving without draining the phone battery

2) Instantly locates or tracks the phone’s location

3) Lets parents set designated time limits for phone use days or months in advance

4) Monitor’s text messages for inappropriate or threatening words or phrases based on the parent’s own specifications.

5) Monitors and regulates the applications downloaded on the child’s phone

6) Contains password protection and tamper and uninstall prevention to prevent teens from disabling or removing the application

Parents download the application from Google Play on to their child’s phone. They then register with an email address and select an administrator phone (usually theirs or their spouse’s), which can send commands directly via text message to activate features. These commands are described in detail for the user in the application itself and can be sent to the parents’ phone directly so no actual memorization is required. Parents may also directly apply settings for certain features, including text and drive, application control, and time settings, on the MMGuardian application.

MMGuardian’s Google Play link is:


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