MMGuardian Parental Control’s Monitor Feature Keeps Your Kids Texting Safely

21 Feb

MMGuardian Parental Control’s Monitor Feature Keeps Your Kids Texting Safely

By Paul Grossinger

“I want to have sex.”

Hearing your 11-year old child say that, or seeing it in their text messages, is every parent’s worst
nightmare. But, how can parents take action if they do not know what is going on?

Pre-teens’ smartphones are quickly becoming an entirely separate eco-system. Despite owning, and
paying for, their child’s phone, parents often have no access – reduced to lying in bed and wondering:

Is my child safe?

Parents need a solution that alerts them to text messages that they would find concerning, so that they
can take action before their pre-teens get themselves into trouble.

MMGuardian Parental Control’s updated Monitor feature is the answer parents have been looking for –
providing parents select monitoring capability without the “Big Brother” feel their kids will detest.

With MMGuardian Monitor, parents self-select the words that concern them – words or phrases they
would like to be made aware of if they appear in their child’s communication. MMGuardian stores
those words in its database, then sends a text message alert to the parent when the child uses, or is
confronted by, them.

So, the next time your pre-teen child says, “I want to have sex,” you will know.

And be prepared to take action.


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