MMGuardian: Snapchat vs. MMGuardian™: The Solution to a Parent’s Nightmare

25 Feb

Snapchat vs. MMGuardian™: The Solution to a Parent’s Nightmare

By Paul Grossinger

Nothing keeps a parent up at night like the feeling that their children are up to something they will later
regret – and they are powerless to prevent it.

Snapchat is the personification of that fear.

Snapchat, a new text and image sending phenomenon on the iPhone and Android smartphones, enables
users to send something to another use that self-destructs after ten seconds. Unless someone takes a
screenshot (and Snapshot notifies the user if they do), there is no trail and no evidence.

In other words, Snapchat is sexting and, worse, cyber-bullying nirvana.

Most parents’ current tactics for managing their children’s smartphones don’t work against Snapchat.
Reading their text messages? No, because Snapchat is a separate app, not a text message. Checking
their phone every night? No, because the evidence is gone – forever.

So, how can parents prevent Snapchat from potentially damaging their child’s future through mobile
bullying or sexting?

For Android smartphone users, MMGuardian can help.

Application Control

Application Control

MMGuardian has a feature named “App Control” that can neutralize snap chat. When MMGuardian is
installed on their child’s phone, a parent can see the entire list of apps on their child’s smartphone. For
each app, parents have the option to either “Block” the app, preventing their child from using the app
entirely, or “Time Restrict the app if it is not unsafe but is used too often or at the wrong times.

For Snapchat, parents may simply select “Block” and Snapchat will no-longer be usable on their child’s
phone. Plus, parents can also block any other third party messaging apps they find on their child’s
phone, preventing them from switching to a similar, lesser known app. As a bonus, MMGuardian has
uninstallation protection and tamper prevention, which stops kids from disabling its settings, so once a
parent blocks Snapchat, they know it is blocked forever.

So, if Snapchat is giving you nightmares, download MMGuardian for peace of mind today.


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