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MMGuardian™ to Demo on Stage at CTIA 2013

4 May

MMGuardian™ to Demo on Stage at CTIA 2013

By Paul Grossinger

The future of mobile parenting is here.

For anyone is Las Vegas May 20-24, it will be front and center when Pervasive Group Inc. presents MMGuardian on the Exhibit Innovations Stage in CTIA World.

MMGuardian is also a CTIA E-Tech Award Finalist in the Mobile category, so it is exciting to see mobile parental control get the attention it deserves from the wireless world even as it becomes an increasingly pressing issue for parents.

MMGuardian is one of the most comprehensive mobile parental control options available to parents. It offers a rare mix of phone access control (including instant location and phone lock and prescheduling), monitoring (for calls, texts, and applications), safe driving technology, and battery efficiency. Parents try it for free and can buy Premium for only $2.99/month or $24.99/year.

For more information MMGuardian and the upcoming CTIA presentation, email paul.grossinger@mmguardian.com.


CES 2013: Five things you missed (Day 1)

10 Feb

2. MMGuardian Parental Control

Manage your family’s phone usage remotely with the MMGuardian Parental Control application.

MMGuardian Premium ($2.99/month after a 14-day free trial) allows parents to forbid texting while driving. It also has an anti-cyber bullying feature that allows parents to set a list of watch words. If one of the flagged words comes in a text, a copy of the message is automatically forwarded to the parent’s phone.

A remote control feature allows parents to control, lock or locate their child’s phone from their own, while the monitoring feature allows for viewing of app activity, removal of apps and reading of a kid’s texts. The amount of time kids can use the phone can be limited using the app, and parents can set timeframes, like school hours, for disallowing phone use.

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CES 2013: MMGuardian Android Tablet and Phone Parental-Control Apps To Be Launched

10 Feb

At CES next week, Pervasive Group will give an official launch to two new apps for letting parents control the use of mobile devices by children and teens: MMGuardian Tablet Security for Android tablets and MMGuardian Premium for Android smartphones.


The apps will be demo’d during a Power Session on CES Press Day.

An MMGuardian Tablet Security app is already available on Google Play, along with the company’s flagship MMGuardian app for smartphones, but MMGuardian Premium hasn’t yet appeared in Google’s online store.

The tablet app is aimed at letting parents set time limits on kids’ use of tablets, block the use of specific apps (including the Android “Settings” app, if desired), and prevent kids from installing new apps.

A parent might allow a child to use the tablet during “play time,” but not during homework time or late at night, for example. Time limits can also be set for the use of specific apps.

The existing MMGuardian tablet and smartphone apps both install on to the child’s mobile device. Knowledge of an “admin password” set by the parent is needed for uninstalling the MMGuardian app.

The currently available smartphone app provides some additional features beyond those of the tablet app, giving parents the ability to control the app from their own phones through SMS text messaging, for instance.

In an FAQ on the company’s Web site, Pervasive Group says that an iPhone app is also under development, but that it will have a “more limited set of features” than the Android smartphone one due to the characteristics of Apple’s iOS API.

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