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MMGuardian and the Battle Against Cyber-Bullying

28 Jun
By Paul Grossinger

Half of all children experience cyber-bullying.

According to a study by the Prague Monitor, half of all school-aged kids will experience cyber-bullying in at least one of its many forms during their formative years.

So, globally, at least half a billion children experience cyber-bullying through their computer, mobile device, or, most prominently now, their smartphone.

The rising issue of mobile cyber-bullying is becoming a huge issue here in the US as well. 90% of US kids either see or experience cyber-bullying, according to ThinkProgress.org, which adds up to nearly 2.1 million bullies and 2.7 million of their victims in American schools.

What can be done to stop this rising tide in its tracks?

Encouragingly, parents, educators, and technologists are all taking action to attack the rise in cyberbullying. Parents of teens who have committed suicide are travelling across the country, encouraging kids to stop bullying their peers. Educators and filmmakers like K.R. Shields are working together to promote anti-bullying films like Love is All You Need, which is meant to show kids the real consequences of bullying.

And technologists like ourselves at Pervasive Group are working on MMGuardian. MMGuardian’s Monitor, Call Block, and App Block features now work symbiotically to prevent bullying: Monitor allows parents to flag words and phrases of concern in text messages, Call Block enables parents to shut off certain bullying contacts’ access to their kids, and app blocker enables parents to shut off bullying via third-party apps like Oovoo and Facebook Messenger.

Cyber-bullying is a growing problem – but we can all be part of the solution.


Work with K.R. Shields and Love is All You Need to Prevent Bullying

13 Jun
By Paul Grossinger

Cyber-bullying is wrong and it is becoming an epidemic in America. That is why it is so important to help support projects like K. Rocco Shield’s Love is All You Need, an anti-bullying short film that shows with chilling clarity the terrible consequences of teen cyber-bullying.

Love is All You Need is the story of a straight girl in a parallel universe America where homosexuality is normal and heterosexuality is abnormal. The protagonist is bullied throughout the film and pushed, ultimately, to suicide. The film’s message is clear: treat others as you would like to be treated and, even if you are not a perpetrator, do more to prevent harmful cyber-bullying. MMGuardian, which includes text alerts to prevent cyber-bullying and blocks for harmful calls, texts, and mobile apps, is already a dogged supporter of anti-bullying efforts nationally.

Now Ms. Shields and her team are working on a new ending for the Love is All You Need to increase the film’s educational accessibility and on a new, full-length feature film version of the story. We encourage you to visit her campaign on Indigogo and support this important effort!

MMGuardin: Threading the Cyber-bullying Tightrope: MMGuardian’s Nuanced Solution for Parents

3 Mar

By Paul Grossinger

Every few weeks, America wakes up to news of a child suicide. Often, the culprit is cyber-bullying.

Many parents know the troubling trend – bullying is invading the lives of their children and teenagers 24/7. Bullying has been around since the dawn of time but, before the recent advent of mobile communication, kids could at least escape it for long periods. Now, with bullying taking place over cell phones – in text messages, photo sharing, and third-party apps, where can kids escape to?

Parents know they need an aggressive solution – and they need it now.


But – what about child privacy?

Few parents want to invade their child’s privacy completely; reading every drop of their child’s communication, all the time. Parents need to thread the cyber- bullying tightrope – to find a solution that gives them enough information to act but not enough to overwhelm them completely.

MMGuardian can help

MMGuardian’s “Monitor feature gives parents that tightrope solution – it enables them to self-select words or phrases that concern them, then sends alerts when their children or teens use those phrases.

MMGuardian Text Monitor

MMGuardian Text Monitor

For example, parents concerned about cyber-bullying may self-select, “suicide,” “kill myself,” “end it,” and other relevant keyword phrases. Most kids who are considering suicide reveal the intention to others, often through textual communication, so this method alerts the parent and helps make sure they can stop anything awful from happening.

If you need this help, MMGuardian is free. Try it at www.mmguardian.com for peace of mind today.

MMGuardian: Snapchat vs. MMGuardian™: The Solution to a Parent’s Nightmare

25 Feb

Snapchat vs. MMGuardian™: The Solution to a Parent’s Nightmare

By Paul Grossinger

Nothing keeps a parent up at night like the feeling that their children are up to something they will later
regret – and they are powerless to prevent it.

Snapchat is the personification of that fear.

Snapchat, a new text and image sending phenomenon on the iPhone and Android smartphones, enables
users to send something to another use that self-destructs after ten seconds. Unless someone takes a
screenshot (and Snapshot notifies the user if they do), there is no trail and no evidence.

In other words, Snapchat is sexting and, worse, cyber-bullying nirvana.

Most parents’ current tactics for managing their children’s smartphones don’t work against Snapchat.
Reading their text messages? No, because Snapchat is a separate app, not a text message. Checking
their phone every night? No, because the evidence is gone – forever.

So, how can parents prevent Snapchat from potentially damaging their child’s future through mobile
bullying or sexting?

For Android smartphone users, MMGuardian can help.

Application Control

Application Control

MMGuardian has a feature named “App Control” that can neutralize snap chat. When MMGuardian is
installed on their child’s phone, a parent can see the entire list of apps on their child’s smartphone. For
each app, parents have the option to either “Block” the app, preventing their child from using the app
entirely, or “Time Restrict the app if it is not unsafe but is used too often or at the wrong times.

For Snapchat, parents may simply select “Block” and Snapchat will no-longer be usable on their child’s
phone. Plus, parents can also block any other third party messaging apps they find on their child’s
phone, preventing them from switching to a similar, lesser known app. As a bonus, MMGuardian has
uninstallation protection and tamper prevention, which stops kids from disabling its settings, so once a
parent blocks Snapchat, they know it is blocked forever.

So, if Snapchat is giving you nightmares, download MMGuardian for peace of mind today.

MMGuardian September Newsletter

4 Sep

The MMGuardian Newsletter

From the Desk of the CEO

Dear Valued MMGuardian Customers,

This is a time of exciting growth for our company.  We now have nearly 50,000 downloads, thousands of daily users, and are excited by the positive response we are getting to the new release of our product.

We are hard at work on the next version of MMGuardian. The future is coming fast. We are excited for you to be part of it.  So, please, stay tuned!

Sharing Our Life Saving Story

This summer, Oso shared this exciting story with us: MMGuardian helped save her teen son after a driving accident.  It’s these life-saving successes that drive us, so please allow us to share his testimonial with you.

“MMGuardian made it possible for paramedics to find my son when he was stranded in a ditch because he was hit by a drunk driver late at night.  It’s awesome!”

We hope that using MMGuardian will ensure that your children will always be safe.

What’s New?

MMGuardian gets better every day.  We are constantly adding new capabilities to give you a better experience with new, necessary features. Our newest release has:

  • Demonstration commands, so you don’t need to remember them
  • Timing Restrictions, so you control your child’s phone use
  • Simpler Interface, so you have a better experience

And, please don’t forget what is coming soon:

  • A new app for your phone, so you send commands seamlessly
  • Uninstall protection, so your kids can’t take the MMGuardian off their phones
  • New location features and mapping capability
  • Advanced geo-zoning, so you always know where they should be
  • Our Monitor Database, so you don’t forget any words bullies use
  • Application Control, so your kids don’t use dangerous apps

How Can We Help You?

At MMGuardian, we want to help you.  If you have any questions about the application or want to send us suggestions, we are accessible 24/7!  Please contact paulgrossinger@mmguardian.com, email our support line at support@mparenting.com, or call us at (800) 506-9842