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Comparing MMGuardian with Android’s New Kid Mode

5 Aug

Kid Mode, more technically called “Restricted Profiles,” is Android’s first attempt to create a real, native way for parents to control the content on their kids’ phones.  While the idea is laudable, as Techcrunch highlighted, the implementation needs work because Kids Mode still does not provide parents with the comprehensive feature set they need to effectively keep kids safe.

Kid Mode centers primarily on Application Control.  It allows parents to essentially whitelist the apps they want their child to be able to access.  Moreover, it allows parents to get granular within each app – enabling or disabling the app’s permissions to alter its available feature set.

But, Kid Mode is an “opt-in” option for developers – and a virtually unknown Android option for parents.  So how many developers, at this early stage, will voluntarily allow their apps to be blocked from a huge population segment of devices?  That is simply unknown at this point.

More importantly, while App Control is a very important feature, Android’s attempt is not “parental control” in the needed, comprehensive sense: – it is more of a one trick pony.  App control is just one problem parents have with their kids’ use of devices: other issues include overuse, which is solved by instant and scheduled lock, unsavory contacts and texts, which is prevented by call and contact blocking and text monitoring, and texting while driving.  MMGuardian solves each of these problems in turn, creating a much more complete solution for parents.

In the future, Android will need to get in front of this issue to even come close to the capability that third-party apps already provide parents today.  Whitelisting and blacklisting – of both contacts and apps – is just the beginning.  The future lies in true device management: setting lock and location schedules well in advance and enabling continuous safe driving and bullying protections.


MMGuardian Asks: Which Parental Control Do You Need?

4 Apr

By Paul Grossinger

You are unique. Your child is unique. Your relationship with your child is unique. So, logically, your parental control will have to be unique.

In an increasingly customizable mobile world, kids are using smartphones in diverse ways that are particular to them. Each parent faces a particular set of challenges that require a different set of fixes than anyone else.

Do you have a 17-year old who texts and drives?

Or do you have a 13-year old who uses Snapchat?

Or a 10 year old who faces mobile bullying?

The challenges are diverse and the more than one fix will be needed.

Luckily, MMGuardian can help.



MMGuardian’s solution provides a strong fix to each of these concerns – so you can pick and choose what you need for your child.

MMGuardian’s solution for android phones includes the most comprehensive solution set available, including the ability to control when their phone is locked or unlocked, locate your child at any time, set time limits and preschedule locations or lock times, monitor texts, calls, and applications for bullying or inappropriate behavior, and safe driving technology.

So, if you have a 17-year old who texts and drives, a 13-year old who uses Snapchat, and a 10 year old suffering bullying, those are different specific fixes but MMGuardian is the one, single solution to all of them.

So, try MMGuardian today. Your concerns are unique – and we can help.

MMGuardian: Ending In-School Smartphone Use: MMGuardian Schedule Lock

5 Mar

Paul Grossinger

In 1960, when teachers saw students looking down at their laps, they assumed that they were reading a smuggled in comic book.

Now, invariably, they assume the student is using a smartphone – with good reason.

Smartphones present real opportunities to advance student learning. They offer, quite literally, a world of knowledge at the fingertips. But, all too often, students use smartphones to talk, text, and use apps – and the in-class distraction is taking a serious toll on student learning.


Until recently, parents were powerless. Now, they have a solution.

MMGuardian™ can help.

MMGuardian Lock

25 Feb

MMGuardian™ The App for Protecting Children’s Mobile Safety

10 Feb

tabletYou can’t just manage the kids in person anymore; now you have to keep watch on their smartphones too!  Luckily, there is now a solution available: MMGuardian™.

Millions of pre-teens and teens now own smartphones and tablets, a number sure to go up after the holidays, and the dangers posed by these devices are only growing.  Texting and driving, communicating with strangers, unfiltered calls, sex apps, and other problems are enough to tear your hair out.

But now, MMGuardian software is available to help you monitor and control their smartphones and tablets.  There are two products you should know about – one free and the other available to Regarding Nannies readers for 50% off!

First, MMGuardian Tablet Security, a new product launching January 7th, helps you keep a child’s tablet clean and safe.  It will be available to Regarding Nannies users for a 14-day free trial and for an additional 50% off if you use the promo code “Tab12” – for only $4.99 one-time, total purchase price.

With MMGuardian Tablet Security, you can:

1) Set Time Limits on tablet usage: Parents can limit tablet use during certain times of day, including school and sleep time, to retain control of device usage.

2) Monitor and control applications: Parents know what applications are on their child’s tablet, when new applications are installed, and are empowered to take action to keep their child’s tablet clean and safe.

3) Block app purchases: MMGuardian can disable the app store, either completely or at scheduled times, preventing your teen from downloading unwanted applications and driving up your bill.

4) Prevent Uninstallation: MMGuardian contains tamper and uninstallation prevention software, so only the parent can decide when to remove the application.

MMGuardian smartphone

Second, MMGuardian Parental Control, a free product for android smartphones that is available on the Google Play store, enables you to monitor and control a child’s smartphone – right from your own phone.

With MMGuardian Parental Control, you can:

1)      Lock, Locate, and Track their phone

2)      Prevent Texting and Driving

3)      Monitor text messages for sexual references or bullying

4)      Set time limits on the phone’s use

5)      Find and delete dangerous apps

6)      Block app purchases

7)      Prevent uninstallation

So, smartphones are here to stay and, as children keep getting them at younger ages, they will pose an ever greater problem. But now, you have a solution: MMGuardian.

Read More: http://regardingnannies.com/2013/01/smartphone-tablet-app/ 

MMGuardian Parental Control Android App Helps Protect Your Family

5 Feb

MMGuardian is a parental control app that provides you with all the features you need to monitor your child’s phone activities. This app is the ultimate tool for the over protective parent looking for an effective way to keep track of their child’s phone usage.

The app has six functions that allow you to monitor different aspects of your child’s usage via text message commands. You can use this app to locate, lock, set usage time limits, monitor activity, track location and encourage safe driving.

After installing the apps on both the parent’s and child’s phone, you can sign up for a free account by entering your email address and the phone numbers corresponding to each individual user.

Whenever you need to access any of the app’s features you simply send a text command to your child’s phone from your phone and the app will respond to your query. For instance, texting Locate:” will allow you to locate your child giving you the street address and map overview of the location.


Read more: http://www.androidappdictions.com/mmguardian-parental-control-android-app-helps-protect-your-family/#

Best Ways to Use MMGuardian Parental Control Phone Lock

8 Aug

If you are a parent, there are times when you probably just want to shut off your child’s access to their cell phone. In those very specific, trying circumstances, MMGuardian Parental Control gives you the power to simply shut off access at the press of a button.


If you install MMGuardian Parental Control, you can quickly lock their phone by texting “Lock:” followed by the number of minutes you wish to keep the phone locked.  So, for five minutes, text “Lock: 5”  And, coming soon, you will be able to press a button on the app and lock it instantly.

So, what are the best reasons to use the MMGuardian lock feature?

  • Your child is texting while driving
  • Your child refuses to abide by the rules you set for phone use
  • Your child is texting in school
  • Any other reason you consider to be particularly important
MMGuardian Lock Feature

MMGuardian Lock Feature

So, what is stopping you from trying the lock feature today?