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MMGuardian Featured on Upside on Comcast Hometown Network

15 Jul

MMGuardian Featured on Upside on Comcast Hometown Network

By Paul Grossinger

On Tuesday July 9, MMGuardian made its debut for thousands of Northern Californians who tuned into the 6:30pm PST broadcast of Upside, the primetime news show on Comcast Hometown Network.

Parental control is becoming a hot topic as kids leave school for the summer and parents grapple with how to handle their children’s rapid-fire smartphone use and the dangers associated with their activities.

On Upside, smartphone dangers were discussed but with an eye for the upside – pun intended – in the issue for parents, which is that these dangers can be quickly mitigated with parental control. MMGuardian’s feature set, including call and text monitoring, scheduling and instant phone controls,and text and drive prevention were on full display for the show’s viewers.

For more information, check out the broadcast!


MMGuardian and the Lone Star State

16 Apr

Addressing the Texting and Driving Epidemic

By Paul Grossinger

Texas’ legislature is now considering a ban on texting and driving. It’s time the Lone Star state, where more individuals drive more hours than any other in the nation, confront the growing epidemic.

The Lone Star state’s response comes at a time when unchecked texting and driving is on the rise. Research from AT&T indicates 49% of adult drivers text while driving and 33% of teens do the same. Indeed, AOL reported last month that distracted driving is the No. 1 killer of teens in America.

When the Lone Star state does take action, MMGuardian can help.

Once texting while driving becomes illegal, parents will want to make sure their teens do not violate the law and put their safety at serious risk. MMGuardian Parental Control’s Safe Driving feature enables parents to prevent their teens from sending any texts from behind the wheel. When the feature is enabled, MMGuardian detects if the child’s phone is in a moving car and, if they are, shuts off the device’s texting capability. Parents can also set up override times if they know their teen will be in a car that they are not actually driving and manually override the feature from their own phone if their teen sends them an alert.

The law is changing. How will you protect your teens?

MMGuardian Asks: Which Parental Control Do You Need?

4 Apr

By Paul Grossinger

You are unique. Your child is unique. Your relationship with your child is unique. So, logically, your parental control will have to be unique.

In an increasingly customizable mobile world, kids are using smartphones in diverse ways that are particular to them. Each parent faces a particular set of challenges that require a different set of fixes than anyone else.

Do you have a 17-year old who texts and drives?

Or do you have a 13-year old who uses Snapchat?

Or a 10 year old who faces mobile bullying?

The challenges are diverse and the more than one fix will be needed.

Luckily, MMGuardian can help.



MMGuardian’s solution provides a strong fix to each of these concerns – so you can pick and choose what you need for your child.

MMGuardian’s solution for android phones includes the most comprehensive solution set available, including the ability to control when their phone is locked or unlocked, locate your child at any time, set time limits and preschedule locations or lock times, monitor texts, calls, and applications for bullying or inappropriate behavior, and safe driving technology.

So, if you have a 17-year old who texts and drives, a 13-year old who uses Snapchat, and a 10 year old suffering bullying, those are different specific fixes but MMGuardian is the one, single solution to all of them.

So, try MMGuardian today. Your concerns are unique – and we can help.

MMGuardian: Beyond Web Browsing

3 Apr

MMGuardian and the Changing Dynamics of Parental Control

By Paul Grossinger

Ten years ago, parents worried about their teens’ exposure to one technology: the internet.

The web was considered a funnel to a secret, frightening, open world of porn, chat rooms, and forbidden content in which children should have no place and parents had no access.

It still is – but now parents have so much more to be worried about than just web browsing

In fact, web browsing is the most “solved” arena of parental control.  Antivirus programs for computers like Norton and McAfee offer parental control services for web and several operating systems have parental controls built in pre-installed for parents’ use.  Smartphones, the new frontier of web browsing, even have rudimentary web controls built in and applications to regulate kids’ web use have been available for years.



So, parents have to move beyond web browsing and into the tougher realm of active phone controls.

For 2013 parents, it’s who kids are calling, texting, and chatting with that is worrisome.  It is where – and how often – they use their phones that is of growing concern.  And it is those problems that must be solved now, with access controls.

MMGuardian can help.

MMGuardian is new parental control – parental control for the mobile age. MMGuardian’s feature set focuses on direct phone controls, particularly instant lock and location and pre-scheduling, monitoring for calls, texts, and apps, and safe driving technology.

Parenting has to move beyond web browsers.  Learn how MMGuardian can help you do just that.

MMGuardian: Parental Control

11 Mar

Parental Control: It’s Now All About Mobile

By Paul Grossinger

Remember 2005?

In the mid-2000s, internet parental controls were all the rage. Parents were, rightfully, concerned by what their children were viewing online and bought parental control software left and right. Internet parental control became a multi-billion dollar industry.

PC Security is now a mountain we’ve climbed. We reached the summit and, for most parents, systems from McAfee, Norton, and other companies keep their kids away from virus and porn sites.

Fast forward to 2013 and parental control is fundamentally changing: now, it’s all about mobile.



Mobile parental control isn’t a true buzzword yet in pop culture terms but it is on its way. 35% of children and teens own smartphones, according to Pew Research; similar numbers to PC penetration among teens in the early 2000s. Texting while driving, cyber-bullying, Snapchat, sexting…these problems are just beginning to enter the mainstream public discourse.

But, starting now, all of that is changing. Soon, “mobile” will be inseparable from parental control and parents will be focusing less on internet browsing and more on phone control. Is my child receiving bullying texts – or sending them? Is my child texting behind the wheel? Did my child send nude pictures? MMGuardian works to solve the problems posed by these questions. And it is those questions, now spoken mostly in the shadows, which speak to the problems that will come to dominate conversations about technology parenting.

Indeed, by 2016, when nearly 100% of teens own at least one smart device, how could they not?

MMGuardian Parental Control’s Monitor Feature Keeps Your Kids Texting Safely

21 Feb

MMGuardian Parental Control’s Monitor Feature Keeps Your Kids Texting Safely

By Paul Grossinger

“I want to have sex.”

Hearing your 11-year old child say that, or seeing it in their text messages, is every parent’s worst
nightmare. But, how can parents take action if they do not know what is going on?

Pre-teens’ smartphones are quickly becoming an entirely separate eco-system. Despite owning, and
paying for, their child’s phone, parents often have no access – reduced to lying in bed and wondering:

Is my child safe?

Parents need a solution that alerts them to text messages that they would find concerning, so that they
can take action before their pre-teens get themselves into trouble.

MMGuardian Parental Control’s updated Monitor feature is the answer parents have been looking for –
providing parents select monitoring capability without the “Big Brother” feel their kids will detest.

With MMGuardian Monitor, parents self-select the words that concern them – words or phrases they
would like to be made aware of if they appear in their child’s communication. MMGuardian stores
those words in its database, then sends a text message alert to the parent when the child uses, or is
confronted by, them.

So, the next time your pre-teen child says, “I want to have sex,” you will know.

And be prepared to take action.

Sprint Guardian brings parental controls to children’s mobile phones – part 3

10 Feb

Free alternatives

For those looking for free alternatives to some of the features offered in Sprint GuardianLife360 Family Locator is a free Android, iOS, and Blackberry app which performs some of the same location services as Sprint Family Locator if there’s an active GPS signal. Google Latitude also offers location reporting service for those willing to opt in.Check here for a list of other location service apps for both Android and iOS. All are subject to the same limitations in that the target phone can only be located if it is turned on. Life360 Family Locator does periodic GPS updates in the background even if the app is not running. To get the a current location, the target phone cannot be in standby mode. To locate the target phone at anytime, the target phone will have to run the Life360 app but running an active GPS will will burn up battery life. Sprint Family Locator has the advantage here as it can operate with the target phone in a passive GPS mode falling back to cell tower triangulation when necessary. Safely Go is a free Android app which serves some of the same functions as Drive First. In fact, it’s from the same developer.

Finally, MMGuardian Parental Control is a freemium Android app that offers some of the same basic features as Sprint Guardian. Scheduled locate, time limits, application control, call clock, text monitor require a $3/month or $25/year subscription while locate the phone via SMS, lock and unlock the phone via SMS, safe driving mode, and SMS command to sound siren/alarm are free after the trial period. Joel Holl, Co-Founder and COO of Pervasive Group Inc., creators of MMGuardian, said “MMGuardian is also capable of protecting against a factory reset. MMGuardian is capable of dis-allowing the use of the Settings option, using our Application Control feature, which means the child would not be able to even gain access to the Factory Reset option, which resides within the Settings option menus.” However, that option is only available in the paid version. The free version can be defeated by performing a factory reset although MMGuardian will send a daily report to the parent phone which will alert the parent the child phone is no longer running the MMGuardian app.



Parent and child’s perspective

Leah is a parent of 11-year old Drake. When asked what she finds most useful about Sprint Guardian, she said “I think the mobile controls would be the most useful to me right now. When he’s older, the locator tools would be very useful.” She didn’t find the locator feature too intrusive although she may change her mind when Drake is older. Parents I surveyed already use electronics grounding as a discipline tool and noted that children generally respond well to this form of discipline. Although Drake is not yet driving age, he did express some annoyance that the phone would be disabled even if he was a passenger. Another parent Tanya finds the Drive First feature the most appealing to her when her son reached driving age. Regarding the locator feature, she said “I do not think finding a minor under 18 to be too intrusive. I think it would be the same as calling the ‘house’ phone to check in on them or calling a friends parent to make sure they are actually hanging out with them. Or say the kid has an attendance problem, this could be a way to check to make sure they are there.”

Read More: http://www.examiner.com/article/sprint-guardian-brings-parental-controls-to-children-s-mobile-phones-part-3