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Work with K.R. Shields and Love is All You Need to Prevent Bullying

13 Jun
By Paul Grossinger

Cyber-bullying is wrong and it is becoming an epidemic in America. That is why it is so important to help support projects like K. Rocco Shield’s Love is All You Need, an anti-bullying short film that shows with chilling clarity the terrible consequences of teen cyber-bullying.

Love is All You Need is the story of a straight girl in a parallel universe America where homosexuality is normal and heterosexuality is abnormal. The protagonist is bullied throughout the film and pushed, ultimately, to suicide. The film’s message is clear: treat others as you would like to be treated and, even if you are not a perpetrator, do more to prevent harmful cyber-bullying. MMGuardian, which includes text alerts to prevent cyber-bullying and blocks for harmful calls, texts, and mobile apps, is already a dogged supporter of anti-bullying efforts nationally.

Now Ms. Shields and her team are working on a new ending for the Love is All You Need to increase the film’s educational accessibility and on a new, full-length feature film version of the story. We encourage you to visit her campaign on Indigogo and support this important effort!


MMGuardian Tablet Security Brings Mobile Family Protection to Tablet

9 Feb

Pervasive Group Inc. is proud to announce that MMGuardian Tablet Security is now available on Google Play for Tablets.

Tablets are the world’s fastest growing devices by percentage but mobile security software has failed to provide users with a solution…until now.

MMGuardian for Tablet enables parents to protect their children’s safety with application controls and monitoring and time settings on tablet use and helps parents save money by enabling them to block application purchases.

With MMGuardian Tablet, parents can:

1) Block app purchasesMMGuardian can disable the app store, either completely or at scheduled times, preventing your teen from downloading unwanted applications and driving up your bill.

2) Set Time Limits on tablet usage: Parents can limit tablet use during certain times of day, including school and sleep time, to retain control of device usage.

3) Monitor and control applicationsParents know what applications are on their child’s tablet, when new applications are installed, and are empowered to take action to keep their child’s tablet clean and safe.

4) Prevent Uninstallation: MMGuardian contains tamper and uninstallation prevention software, so only the parent can decide when to remove the application.

MMGuardian Tablet Security is a sister application to MMGuardian Parental Control on Android smartphones, which sports a 4.0 star user rating on Google Play from 35,000 registered users.

For more information and the exclusive scoop on upcoming launches, emailpaul.grossinger@mmguardian.com.