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MMGuardian Supports TextKills’ Indiegogo Campaign to Prevent Texting While Driving

26 Jul

By Paul Grossinger

MMGuardian Parental Control and TextKills share a common goal: to eliminate texting and driving from America’s roads. That is why we encourage our users to look at TextKills’ Indigogo campaign to help make a positive difference and save lives.

Nearly 3,000 teens died in distracted driving accidents last year, according to AOL News. Please help us work to reduce that sad number and keep more teens safe.

TextKills is a non-profit organization devoted to bringing more awareness to the growing danger of texting and driving. The organization relies on first-hand testimonials and advocacy work to grow awareness and is now working on funds for a film to showcase texting and driving’s dangers.

MMGuardian is devoted to creating the best text and drive prevention tool available on the market. Always free, MMGuardian’s text and drive prevention feature helps save teen lives – both teen drivers who would be texting without MMGuardian’s safeguards and their passengers.

We encourage you to try MMGuardian today and help TextKills make a difference.


MMGuardian: The Intersection of Communication and Technology

8 Mar

How MMGuardian Can Help Hold Your Teens Accountable

By Paul Grossinger

The old adage, which dates from practically the dawn of time, grows more relevant with each new advent of mobile technology.

In particular, as smartphones give teens more independence and increase their capacity for self-harm, parents must set up strong ties of communication between themselves and their kids.

Whether it is bullying, sexting, texting and driving, or something else, parents should set themselves up as a trusted source for their children to communicate their problems.

But, here is the elephant in the room: communication is great – but how do parents verify their children are being honest with them and hold them accountable when they are not?

That is where MMGuardian™ comes into play.



At its essence, MMGuardian is about providing accountability. Parents install MMGuardian so that they can set preventative safety measures; eliminating texting and driving and dangerous apps, alerting themselves to bullying, and giving themselves access controls for their child’s phone. In short, MMGuardian lets parents know the real story – clueing them in to whether their child’s phone and activities are safe.

Its leading with communication and trust and handicapping it with clear rules, controls, and accountability.

In the age of ever more capable smartphones, is there really another option?

MMGuardian Tablet Security Brings Mobile Family Protection to Tablet

9 Feb

Pervasive Group Inc. is proud to announce that MMGuardian Tablet Security is now available on Google Play for Tablets.

Tablets are the world’s fastest growing devices by percentage but mobile security software has failed to provide users with a solution…until now.

MMGuardian for Tablet enables parents to protect their children’s safety with application controls and monitoring and time settings on tablet use and helps parents save money by enabling them to block application purchases.

With MMGuardian Tablet, parents can:

1) Block app purchasesMMGuardian can disable the app store, either completely or at scheduled times, preventing your teen from downloading unwanted applications and driving up your bill.

2) Set Time Limits on tablet usage: Parents can limit tablet use during certain times of day, including school and sleep time, to retain control of device usage.

3) Monitor and control applicationsParents know what applications are on their child’s tablet, when new applications are installed, and are empowered to take action to keep their child’s tablet clean and safe.

4) Prevent Uninstallation: MMGuardian contains tamper and uninstallation prevention software, so only the parent can decide when to remove the application.

MMGuardian Tablet Security is a sister application to MMGuardian Parental Control on Android smartphones, which sports a 4.0 star user rating on Google Play from 35,000 registered users.

For more information and the exclusive scoop on upcoming launches, emailpaul.grossinger@mmguardian.com.

MMGuardian Family Locator Gives Parents New Mobile Security Capabilities

9 Feb

Pervasive Group Inc. is proud to announce that MMGuardian Family Locator now has over 1,000 registered users. MMGuardian Family Locator boasts a category-leading 5-star rating on Google Play.

MMGuardian Family Locator for android smartphones enables parents to set remote controls on their child’s device, right from their own phone.

With MMGuardian, parents can:

1) Prevent Texting and Driving

2) Lock, Locate, and Track Their Teen’s Phone

3) Monitor Text Messages

4) Set Time Limits on Phone Use

5) Control Applications

MMGuardian Family Locator is the sister application of MMGuardian Parental Control, which boasts a 4.0 user rating from 35,000 registered users, and MMGuardian Tablet Security, Pervasive Group’s innovative new solution for tablets.

For more information, including exclusive information on our company’s upcoming launches, please email paul.grossinger@mmguardian.com.

Parents: Texting and Driving Represents Serious New Danger for Your Teens

3 Aug

If you have seen the news recently, you have seen the dangers of texting and driving: death.  Parents need to make sure their teens are not texting while driving and MMGuardian Parental Control can help.

Every time your teens texts while driving, they are in serious danger of paralysis or death.  If you doubt it, just READ THESE STATISTICS:

  • In 2010, 416,000 people were injured in distracted driving accidents.  3092 were killed.
  • 18% of reported crashes were due to distracted driving.  That number continues to climb.
  • 40% of teens say they have been in a car while the driver was texting.

So, as a parent, how can you take action to make sure your children are safe and you can sleep at night?

  • Talk to your teen.  Tell them how dangerous it is to text while driving.
  • Be real.  Show them the statistics.
  • If dialogue does not work, take matters into your own hands.  Make sure your teen is safe, at times in spite of themselves.  Use MMGuardian Parental Control’s Safe Driving feature, which turns off your teens’ ability to text when they are operating a motor vehicle over 10mph.  
MMGuardian Safe Driving Feature

MMGuardian Safe Driving Feature

Parents: your teens need to know how dangerous texting while driving is and they need you to protect them.  The question is, what will you do?